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Material: Acrylic

Acrylic Glass Diamond Pendant Wedding Party Chandelier Centerpiece -30" Tall+Chandelier STand

* Can be used as Chandelier
* Can be used as Centerpiece
* 1 qty = 1 pc chandelier, 1 pc stand, chain, Hanging Hook
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Price: $99.99
40% Off Price: $59.99
Far and Wide, people know your name and your reputation for accomplishing big things. That’s why the name that is best associated with you is ‘Governess’. You always have a plan, you are known to be competent at problem solving and most of all people come to you with their problems or their best news because you are the ‘center of activity’.

The Governess Chandelier symbolizes in its round diamond strands the endless flow of wealth and blessings towards you and how everything is brighter and more energetic with you around. Place it in your living room or big event hall to let your guests feel your warmth, energy and brightness.

There’s always something that best capture’s your personality right here at

Additional Information:
Diameter: Approx. 10” (Outer Ring: 10” ; Middle Ring: 7” ; Center Ring: 4.5”)
Total Top-Bottom Length: Approx. 30”
1 qty = 1 pc chandelier, 1 pc stand(22" Tall), chain, Hanging Hook