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Material: Acrylic

10" Ball x 37" Tall Shangri-La Lamp Acrylic Diamond Chandelier - Clear

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Price: $91.65
40% Off Price: $54.99
The Shangri-La is a Far-away hidden paradise filled with beauty and serenity. And tonight, you are choosing to create such a paradise filled with bright colors, music, food, friends and laughter. And the key component to your celebration is the Shangri-La Lamp which you can hang as a stunning chandelier or stand up as an infallible beacon.

Surrounded by the loveliest acrylic diamonds, the Shangri-la sphere is a true work of beauty that will enchant guests and passerbys, near and far, and will excite their hearts and life up their moods. No one will want these lamps turned off for they symbolize the abundance and prosperity of the moment. But you know, even if they are turned off, you will have more parties with the Shangri-Las to come and they will be marvelous.

Let be the cornerstone to your remarkable event!

Additional Information:
Sphere / Ball Diameter: Approx. 10”
Total Top-Bottom Length when ball is on stand: Approx. 37”
Base Diameter: Approx. 7”
Number of poles: 2 ; Approx. 11” long each (included)