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Material: Acrylic

10.5" Diameter x 12" Drop Diva-Style Versatile Hanging / Tabletop Acrylic Diamond Chandelier - Clear

Item Number:
Price: $83.32
40% Off Price: $49.99
Who says Chandeliers are just for the ceiling? DEFINITELY, what a DIVA wants, a DIVA gets! This versatile Diva-style Diamond Chandelier can be hung on the ceiling or it can be used as an elaborate tabletop centerpiece that is truly crafted for the more than unique V.I.P. person!

The shapes of the acrylic diamonds themselves have been made to modern and one-of-a-kind and the centerpiece holder was made to be lighted in the color of your celebration which is likely to be Passion, Energy, Uniqueness or Power. If you are all about WHAT’S RARE mixed with HIGH-CLASS, then the Diva-Style Chandelier truly embodies who you are and the event/celebration that befits you.

*Course, everyday and every moment is an event/performance/celebration for a Diva, so feel free to use this unique chandelier as a luxury home decoration showcase. A Diva is A Diva and is expected to set a unique flavor and flair, so Dare to be different in Style! mixes Luxury, Uniqueness and Affordability just the way you like for the spotlight that has your name on it!

Additional Information:
Ring Diameter: Approx. 10.5” Outer Ring, 7” Approx. Center Ring and Approx. 4” Innermost Ring
Chandelier Drop: Approx. 12” at the longest point
Material: Acrylic Diamond
Chandelier Stand: Not included. Please purchase cake stand and cake tube to use on tabletop
Additional Accessories: comes with chain and hanging hook for ready-to-use execution

Note: No LEDs included with purchase. Please purchase by clicking this link LED