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12 Diameter x 24 Drop Love At First Sight Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Clear
Material: Acrylic

11" Diameter x 24" Drop Love At First Sight Acrylic Diamond Chandelier - Clear

Item Number:
Price: $149.98
40% Off Price: $89.99
Truly a sight to enjoy, especially when lighted with various colors of lights. Doesn’t the chandelier look as though it’s dancing? Once you hang up this true beauty, you will truly fall in love and what better way to mark a truly important occasion. Use it in a ballroom, or atop a beautiful throne, and possibly even in your dining room at home. What matters is that you be reminded what it means to fall in love.

Of course the real show happens when your audience sees this wonderful chandelier all prettied up with your imagination…and their eyes light in response. If that’s what you want, then this will help you make it happen.

Making all important moments unforgettable is what is here for!

Additional Information:
Ring Diameters (4-Tier): 1st Approx. 18"; 2nd Approx. 13"; 3rd Approx.8"; 4th Approx. 4"
Chandelier Drop: Approx. 2ft or 24” at the longest point; Each tier diamond thread drop is Approx. 4.5"
Material: Acrylic Diamond
Additional Accessories: comes with chain and hanging hook for ready-to-use execution

Note: No LEDs included with purchase. Please purchase by clicking this link LED