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Material: Acrylic
Quality: Standard

13 Diameter x 27 Drop Evviva Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Clear

Item Number:
Price: $74.98
40% Off Price: $44.99
Evviva! (Italian), Cheerio! (British), Sante! (French), Cheers! (American)…

We’ve crafted this Evviva chandelier to be lovely, welcoming, sophisticated and celebrating! Best brought out for key occasions that deserve a raising of champagne glasses, wine glasses or beers to toast a triumphant occasion. But, you can make this an everyday affair by placing it in your dining room to greet with open arms you when you switch on the lights for dinner, guests and family. Let it light up the moment and make you smile, always! Cheers! Evviva!

Enjoy the moment with’s Classy Lifestyle Chandeliers!

Additional Information:
Diameter: Approx. 13”
Total Top-Bottom Length: Approx. 27”
Inner Layer Acrylic Diamond Strand Drop: Approx. 12”
Outer Layer Acrylic Diamond Strand Drop: Approx. 10”
Additional Accessories: Chain and Hanging Hook (included)