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14 Diameter x 30 Drop Overwhelming Standing Ovation Acrylic Diamond Chandelier Clear
Material: Acrylic

13" Diameter x 30" Drop Overwhelming Standing Ovation Acrylic Diamond Chandelier - Clear

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Price: $141.65
40% Off Price: $84.99
Did you just accomplish something truly spectacular? Is everyone just buzzing with your name and your reputation? And do you have bigger things planned ahead?

If you just said an OVERWHELMING YES! Then you must have this Overwhelming Standing Ovation Chandelier at you celebration. Crafted to look truly breathless and to symbolize opulence, why not hang it up, light it and have your portrait photo taken. Guests from far and wide would truly raise you a toast. And even this chandelier as well, with its lighted crystals being held high to give you lots and lots and lots of standing ovation.

SHINE like no other. And CELEBRATE like no other. You focus on the 1st, and let handle the 2nd.

Additional Information:
Ring Diameters (3-Tier): 1st Approx. 13"; 2nd Approx. 9"; 3rd Approx.4"
Chandelier Drop: Approx. 2.2 ft or 26” at the longest point; Diamond thread for 1st tier Approx. 12"; 2nd tier. 8"; 3rd tier 10"
Material: Acrylic Diamond
Additional Accessories: comes with chain and hanging hook for ready-to-use execution

Note: No LEDs included with purchase. Please purchase by clicking this link LED