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Material: Acrylic

Elegant Drum Shade Wedding Chandelier Centerpiece - White+Chandelier Stand

* Can be Used as Chandelier
* Can be Used as Centerpiece
* 1 qty = 1 PC chandelier, 1 PC stand, Hanging Chain
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Price: $83.33
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What does Victory mean to you? Is it the goal? Is it the journey? Is it an event? Or is it for those around you?

We've crafted the Victorian Drum Shade Chandelier with the Great English Monarch Queen Victoria in mind. Her very long reign was that of expansion, prosperity and innovation. And that too, is what we wish you in your endeavors. The chandelier is crafted to be simple and versatile. It can be used in multiple elegant ways for your cafe/restaurant, at your event, in your office reception/boardroom or at home. This chandelier will definitely add dimension, personality and elegance to its surroundings. And once lighted up, let it remind you that this moment is your victory, whether it be a victory celebration, formulating a plan or going through paperwork or simply enjoying a coffee with someone. Enjoy the moment always and what's around you.

Enhance the experience at home, events and office with's stylish chandeliers!

Additional information
Ring Diameter: Approx. 13" wide
Shade Length: Approx. 8" long
Material: Organza Fabric Covering
1 qty = 1 PC chandelier, 1 PC stand (22" Height), Hanging Chain