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200+ pcs Diamond Raindrops - Acrylic Turquoise

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200+ pcs Acrylic Diamonds Raindrops Collection

Diamonds. Diamonds. Its RAINING Diamonds!!

Colors. Colors. Its RAINING Colors!!!

Looks stunningly brilliant under any light. Will surely make any host/hostess sparkle like a Millionaire. Shower your guests with wealth and color with using these acrylic diamonds that come in raindrop shape. Whether you want to hang these diamonds with a string or bunch them together for an eye-catching centerpiece, or simply sprinkle all over; these darlings are truly versatile. Everyone will most certainly enjoy the shine that these lovely darlings bring to your spotlight.

Additional Information

-size: 20mm or 0.8 in
-approx. 238 pcs/pk
-each order fills approx a 4.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" amount of space
-1 package weighs 1kg
-all diamonds come with tiny hole for hanging using monofilament or fishing line (as shown in picture)

*note: sale is for acrylic diamonds only, no lines included