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20ft x 8ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops - White

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20ft x 8ft Chic-Inspired Backdrops

Did you love the Blockbuster romantic movie Titanic? Or did you enjoy the timeless animated Disney movie The Beauty And the Beast? Notice the key moments in both movies use backdrops? (Yes, its where the lead man and woman dance while the world watches). So why not create your 'splendid' moment too with our Chic-Design Backdrops. If you want that BLOCKBUSTER and truly romantic effect, then spend a little extra and well make it happen.

Why Buy? Typical rental price is $200 for a weekend from a party rental company. Were selling it to you at almost ½ the price.

Additional Information:

-dimensions: 20ft wide x 8 ft height
-included material: 2 layers -top layer chiffon, second layer polyester
-edges: serged
-Backdrop comes with special 3 diameter rod pockets for easy slide- in/slide-out of curtain rods

*note: sale is for 1-pc backdrop linen only. Fairy lighting and additional fabric bolts NOT INCLUDED.