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Size Decorations: 30 in
Color: White
Material: Plastic

30" Glittered Manzanita WHITE Centerpiece For Wedding Party Event Table Top Decoration - Tree + LED Lights + 8pcs Acrylic Chains

Dimensions: Approx. 30"(H) x 11"(L) x 11"(W)
Bendable: Slightly
Accessories Included: Comes with 8pcs acrylic garland chains (clear) that are approx. 14" long and 1 Power Cord to turn lights on
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Price: $108.32
40% Off Price: $55.99
Add some WOW factor into your wedding decor in stunning and whimsical manner by using our marvelous Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Tree with LED lights. Placed atop your reception tables, these strikingly-beautiful Manzanita trees will impart a voguish influence to your events ambiance, leaving your guests absolutely mesmerized at the quirky appeal of their glimmering charisma. The natural arrangement of multitudes of twisted branches lend it a miniature tree silhouette like appearance, making it not only dramatic in look, but also very versatile for a wide variety of creative decorative uses. By incorporating these eye-catching trees into your events ambiance, you can add a charming natural and textural element into your celebration. The acrylic garlands hanging attractively by the branches will glow like mystic jewels, transforming your tabletops into a quixotic bliss. They make a wonderful centerpiece for your reception tables, but dont overlook using them in other creative ways, decorate the aisle, use as a mesmeric guest table feature, or try it as a wonderful guest wishing tree. As far as decorating these trees are concerned, let you imagination run wild; tie on fresh or our artificial flowers, swathe acrylic ice crystals, string of pearls or ribbons, attach hanging votive candles or glass terrariums for an amazing effect. The luminous glow of LED lights will heighten the tempting appeal of your grand feast as well as of all the exotic accessories you adorned these trees with!

Additional information
Dimensions: Approx. 30"(H) x 11" (L) x 11" (W)
Bendable: Slightly
Accessories Included: Comes with 8pcs acrylic garland chains (clear) that are Approx. 14 long.
Also comes with Power Cord to turn lights on.
Power Usage: 110V
LED lights are on tips of tree branches.
Material: Plastic accented with glitters
Note: Will have paint smell when newly opened, simply air out for a few hours.

***Sale is for Manzanita Tree only, only mentioned included accessories are included, other decorative accessories and supplies are not included***