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32" Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Branches Fushia 4/pk
32" Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Branches Fushia 4/pk
Size Decorations: 32 in
Color: Pink
Material: Plastic

32" Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Glittered Branches - Fushia 4/pk

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Price: $83.32
40% Off Price: $49.99
Industry-acclaimed, Loved Everywhere and Very Teasing to the Eyes –or simply known as Vogue. This very fine replicas of Manzanita Branches are easy-to-use for your crystal hanging trees, DIY centerpieces or eye-candy displays. Don’t just consider single use, but consider how regular you will create a new look for such a versatile decorating showcase tool. Let these Vogue Manzanita Centerpiece Branches be your new partner in your events and make it you newest signature style.

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Additional Information

Quantity: 4 manzanita branches included in order. Items are shipped flat.
Dimensions when facing down: Approx. 32”(H) x ”9 (L) x 4” (W)
Bendable: Slightly
Material: Glittered Plastic
Note: Will have paint smell when newly opened, simply air out for a few hours.

***One order is for 4pcs Manzanita Branches only, other decorative accessories and supplies are not included***

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They look so elegant
Ava George (Augusta, ME) 11/9/2015 7:58 PM
This tree was used for an anniversary decoration and it made the table look so elegant!!. I would recommend this for others to buy.
Rocio (JvcgOMVqnZIUieQ) 9/25/2012 4:51 PM
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