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Cupids Diamond Arrowheads 50 pcs Acrylic Clear
Color: Clear
Material: Acrylic

Cupids Diamond Arrowheads 50 pcs Acrylic Clear

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50 pcs Cupid’s Diamond Arrowheads

For your big day to happen, you must have been hit by Cupid’s arrow and have Fallen Madly In-Love! And especially just for you, Cupid used a Diamond Arrowhead since your LOVE is meant to last forever just like a Diamond. Show the timelessness of your love and these especially crafted Acrylic Diamond Arrowheads to shoot Love arrows into your guests’ hearts to make your grand event and its happiest memories become forever.

Diamond arrowheads can be used as singles or as a bunch. Be creative, (1) use them as Pendants or (2) use for Hanging or (3) use them for your crafts or (4) use them for your showcase centerpieces or (4) for favor/invitation/placeholder decorations.

Here at, we're making your lasting memories SPARKLE!

Additional Information

-size: Approx. 3" long x 1" wide for each Arrowhead Diamond
-material: Acrylic -approx. 50 pcs/pk
-1 package weighs 0.5kg
-all diamonds come with tiny hole for hanging using monofilament or fishing line (as shown in picture)

*note: sale is for acrylic diamonds only, no lines included