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Angel's Tears 50 pcs Acrylic Diamond Clear
Angel's Tears 50 pcs Acrylic Diamond Clear
Color: Clear
Material: Acrylic

Angel's Tears 50 pcs Acrylic Diamond Clear

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50 pcs Angel's Tears Acrylic Diamond

An Angel shed's tear to bless you as the most wonderful person in the world and to protect you from any harm. We've shaped these acrylic diamonds into a beautiful tear-shape to symbolize the your Angel's tears. Make these tears symbolize your hopes in finding happiness, warmth and abundance in all your adventure. Definitely hang these diamond tears on your centerpieces (and you a lot) to signify your countless blessings and triumphs against all odd. And don't forget, you have an Angel watching over you 24/7

Diamond Angel Tears can be used as singles or as a bunch. Be inspired, (1) use them as Pendants or (2) use for Hanging or (3) use them for your crafts or (4) use them for your showcase centerpieces or (4) for favor/invitation/placeholder decorations.

Just like your Guardian Angel, is here to help you SOAR!

Additional Information

-size: Approx. 3" long x 1" wide for each Acrylic Diamond Angel Tear
-material: Acrylic -approx. 50 pcs/pk
-1 package weighs 0.5kg

note: sale is for Angel Tears only, other decorative accessories not included. *note: sale is for acrylic diamonds only, no lines included