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Yardage: 10
Width: 54 in
Color: Champagne
Style: Slub
Material: Polyester
Quality: Premium

Premium Slub Polyester Wedding Dress Fabric Bolt By Yard - Champagne - 54"x10 Yards

Material: Slub Polyester
Size: Each bolt is Approx. 54" wide by 10 Yards long
Item Number:
Price: $49.98
40% Off Price: $29.99
2 to 5$26.99
6 to 10$25.49
11 to 20$23.99
21 to 99999$17.99
There was a time in history when slubs or knotting in the fabric was considered a defect. These slight knobbles appear as thick, raised threads on the surface of the fabric. Time changed and the old-school perception about slubbed fabric as being a mistake in textile production changed. Now, it is fashionable to embrace the crude, unrefined look of slubbing. Weavers in modern textile industry not only encourage slubs but even create them on purpose in synthetic threads that would be even and smooth generally. These imperfections" give a tactical, organic look and texture to the fabric which is visually appealing and simply eye-catching.. This flawed fabric transformed into a remarkable masterpiece and is preferred widely in the fashion industry because of its attribute of being rough and more casual looking. The smooth, casual texture in addition to a trendy, fashionable look makes it an ideal choice for jeans and jerseys. So go ahead, and look absolutely perfect with this IMPERFECT fabric.

WIDELY KNOWN USES: - Parties - Receptions - Runners - Backdrops - Costumes - Dress Making - Shoes - Bags - prom dresses - Crafts - Evening dress - Skirts - tablecloths - Overlays - Photography props

Additional information:
Material: Slub Polyester
Size: Each bolt is Approx. 54" wide by 10 Yards long