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72 x 72 COUTURE Rosettes on Lace Overlay - Ivory

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Designed to look truly gorgeous and lovely for any major events involving VIPs, Dignitaries and wealthy clients. Once you whip out this fabric, no one will want to miss any of your events because they know theyll regret missing the BUZZ. So start planning where you want your COUTURE Overlay to make its big debut!

A nice day outdoor deserves to be filled with pleasant roses to match the greenery and compliment the sunshine. The Rosettes on Lace edition seeks to be the perfect rosette fabric for daytime events as it lets sunlight pass through its see thru netting whilst still showing off lovely roses. So, if you like to hold lots of outdoor and daytime events, then the Rosettes on Lace will surely get people flocking to your table. That is, if thats your thing.

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Additional Information:
Size: Approx. 72x72 Overlay
Material: Satin Roses on Lace Net Fabric
Rose size: Approx. 2 ½ each
Care: Dry clean only