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Size Decorations: 8 in
Material: Glass

8" Posh Hexagon Mirror - 6/Set

Item Number:
Price: $18.32
40% Off Price: $10.99
Nothing beats having a mirror in the shape of a posh diamond and looking at your reflection on it. It's both flattering and modern style and surely adds a sense of novelty! Course, you can also lay this lovely mirror on a stylish tablecloth and add lovely candles, centerpieces and a whole lot of accessories to create a sparkling glamour look. And since this is a mirror, when it's lovely shape reflects colorful light and lovely arrangements, then you will truly feel proud of the masterpiece you've unleashed!

Set yourself apart with lovely, novelty's everyday / special occasion stylings.

Dimensions: Approx. 8"x8"

Edges: NOT beveled

Note: Each order is for 6 mirrors due to special packaging required. Also included are sticky pad for mounting on the wall if desired. Lastly, sale is for mirrors alone -other decorations not included.