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13 Super Large Single Mums Flowers for Kissing Ball White
13 Super Large Single Mums Flowers for Kissing Ball White
Color: White
Flower Type: Roses

12 SUPER Large Single Mums Flowers for KISSING ball - White

Item Number:
Price: $31.17
40% Off Price: $18.70
Easy to create KISSING BALLS with this flower; simply stick to round styrofoam!

One of the most beloved November flowers in the United States is now available to you in an undying Silk Flower Form. Regarded as a symbol for constructive energy and cheerful endeavors, blooming chrysanthemums are not only showy but also celebrates “Happiness” according to the Japanese.

Definitely, use dozens, if not hundreds of these wonderful inexpensive chrysanthemums flowers as decorative pieces in your wedding centerpieces, floral arrangements, flower balls, and whatever you occasion requires (for centerpieces, simply place into a centerpiece bowl filled with water; for floral arrangements, simply tape the stem onto to the stems of other fresh or silk flowers that are in use; for flower balls, simply stick the stem into a round styrofoam ball bought from your art supply store).

Additional Information:
- Green stem is ½" long
- Flower Diameter x Height: Approx. 8.5” x 3.5”
- Each order is for 12 flowers