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Color: Silver

9mm Formal Shiny Beads Strand - 10yards Silver

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Price: $12.69
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When you see silver, you know something official going on. After all, you whip out the silverware for important occasions or bring out the silver themed decors to mark a significant moment. And being the detailed person that you are, you can use these Formal Silver Beads Strands to add that prestigious flair to your favors, gifts and all around decorations. Everyone's going to come dressed up and in their best, and you will no doubt rise to the occasion by adding something stately to the Silver Event.

We've got something for each memorable impression you want to make right here at

Additional Information:
Material: Shiny silver plastic beads
Bead diameter: Largest bead is Approx. 9mm wide
Length: Strand extends Approx. 10 yards