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Color: Silver
Material: PVC

8.75" Diameter x 18" Drop DIVA Earrings Chandelier - Silver

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Price: $41.65
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Are you a Party Diva? An Idol Diva? An Actress Diva? A Dancing Diva?.....There's so many BIG possibilities to choose from when you can envision larger than life!

And to help inspire you in your Diva projects or recreational down-time, we have the Diva Earrings Chandelier to help you keep dreaming of ways to take the world by storm. A diva lives in the limelight and knows how to make a stage be packed with energy and these Chandeliers simply represent who you are -simply unforgettable. Hang them here, hang them there...and people definitely they are dealing with a talented Diva, and in no time soon, crowds will gather to watch your performance. Hence, a Diva is always ready with her trusty Diva Earrings Chandelier.

Gold, Silver, or whatever your Diva-ness needs to make an impact is all right here at

Additional information
Ring Diameter: Approx 8.75"
Chandelier drop: Approx. 18" long at the longest point
Material: Shiny PVC Plastic
Additional accessories: Comes with Approx. 9" hanging chain for ready execution
WARNING: Item does not work with Chandelier Stand, only used for hanging