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240 Silk Alstroemeria - Orange

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Silk Alstroemeria Bushes is always being the head of the market of wedding & party supplies and decorations.  We are proud of serving our customers with low price and high quality for years.  We are pleased to announce our new arrivals. Dont miss out! 

Tired of roses?  Try some special, wild, and exotic!   

Alstroemerica, commonly called the Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas, resembles a miniature lily, is very popular for bouquets and flower arrangements in the commercial cut flower trade.  It symbols devotion, wealth, prosperity, fortune, and aspiring.  This flower is generally linked to symbol of friendship.  Its leaves grow upside down and twisting.  Twists are much like turns and growth of friendship.  Send bouquets containing Alstroemeria to show the strength of your bond with another. 


Bush:  18" height
Flower:  3.5 - 4" diameter x 1.5 - 2" height
Leaf:  10 length
Stem:  approximately 12" length
Quantity:  24 flowers per bush, 10 bushes per order.  Each Bush has 12 stems, 2 flowers on each stem.  Photo shows 1 bush.
Black spots and white stamen are decorated on the petals.  Look real, fresh, and vivid.