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4 x 72" Acrylic Diamond Teardrop Necklace - Clear

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Making a truly expensive looking, high-impact centerpiece doesnt have to cost an arm and a leg. Just use your imagination, and in a lot of colors and drape it with some acrylic jewelries the of the Diamond Teardrop Necklace. Once youve put everything together, try to light it up with some LEDs to let your arrangement shine. Just like a lady, diamonds in acrylic form, will make your arrangement truly breathtaking.

Additional Information

Quantity of Garland/Necklace: 4
Length of Stretch per Garland/Necklace: Approx. 72"
Acrylic Diamond Teardrop count per Garland/Necklace: Approx. 180 per necklace

Note: Sale is for acrylic garland only. Other decorative accessories not included.