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Color: White
Flower Type: Orchid

60 x SPECIAL EDITION Jadore! Silk Roses - White

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Price: $66.65
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When you truly want to fascinate with style and culture, then this J’adore Rose Bush is the way to go….

J’adore! or French for ‘I Love It’ is a fitting for this rose bush accentuated by both pearl spray and wrapped in elagant tulle and crafted with exceptional styrofoam thereby making this bush stand for beauty, wealth and class all rolled into one and all-tied together by LOVE to make BIG MOMENTS happen. This bush is meant for special moments when you want to let your love and passion SHINE and be acknowledged which is why it is J’adore! for you and you treasured audience. lets you SHOW love in just so many ways!

Additional Information:

- 5 roses per bush accented with pearl spray and tulle
- 60 roses total in all 12 bushes; Can be used single individual roses or in bunches
- Approx. 2.5" wide flower opening
- flower is made from high-quality styrofoam which enables it to keep its shape better
- Wire stem, can be used to wrap around boxes or twist onto things
- Approx. 10" stem