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Color: Clear

3 x 30" HAIL THE QUEEN! Festive Torches LED White

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Price: $66.65
40% Off Price: $39.99
Who wouldn’t want to be invited to the Queen’s Banquet. Good food. Good company. And most of all, a GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Great experiences don’t just happen by chance, you need to carefully condition people to let loose and break out that smile and laughter. And a big part of this responsibility is allotted to the location ambiance. But you’re not always going to celebrate at a 5-star hotel which is why is making it possible for you to turn any location into 5-Star Quality. Simply add some lights and large extravagant decors which we’ve combined into this special LED Festive Torches that is sure to delight. Stake them onto the ground or hedges and add your choice of decorating accessories and you will sure to create a look that remind people of prestigious resorts, large amusement parks or the mansion of rich and famous.

Make the Queen truly flattered by creating an atmosphere that bewilders and showcases their love for Grand Festivities.

Additional Information:
Top-Bottom Height per Torch: Approx. 30"
LED Count: 15 LEDs per torch accented with fastive blooms
Battery: 3pcs AA per torch (not included)

Note: Order is for LED torches only, other decorative accessories not included