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Size Linens: 90 x 90 in
Material: Organza
Quality: Premium

Apple Green Organza Overlay 90x90"

Material: nylon
Approximate Measurements: 90"x90"; Square
Edges are Serged.
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Price: $8.77
40% Off Price: $5.26
Beautiful and charming crystal organza overlays are a real treat to eyes and big attention grabbers. Add that sophisticated touch of chic elegance into your events decor with our splendid sheer organza overlays. Made from premium quality nylon, these overlays will impart an impeccable sheen and glossy luster to your plain reception or wedding tables, creating that super WOW factor you so eagerly want to attain. Spread these atop your plain or colorful table linens to create wonderful contrastive effects, in the hues that compliment your wedding day theme. Create wonderful bows, or other stylish accents with these glossy organza table cloths.

Additional Information:
How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.
Material: Nylon
Approximate Measurements: 90"x90"; Square
Edges are Serged