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Do It Yourself

Getting married is likely to be one of the most moving and memorable days in your entire life. It will also probably be one of the most expensive. Even when hosting a small wedding for less than a hundred guests, there are quite a few expenses that need to be taken care of. Considering the current economic climate and the fact that many people are struggling to pay for basic bills, having a beautiful wedding might seem out of your reach. But no one says that you have to have an imported Irish linen tablecloth or a cake by a famous designer. More and more couples are looking at "do it yourself" options as a more affordable way to have the gorgeous reception they've dreamed of. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

While personalized napkins might be a bit out of your budget, there are other ways to let everyone know whose day it is. A personalized ribbon is a nice touch that can be used as a napkin ring, around the stem of a wineglass, on the favor bags for the guests -- whatever your imagination can come up with! The can either be printed rather affordably or made by you.

Flowers can be one of the more expensive investments in your wedding, so consider going with silk flowers instead of fresh. Available in a mind-boggling variety of options, these can be used for the wedding party bouquets, the centerpieces at the reception, and much more.