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Color: White
Flower Type: Baby Breath

6 x Baby Breath Garland - White

Item Number:
Price: $31.17
40% Off Price: $18.70
If you need to bring some color to an otherwise plain banister, pole, or table set, we have a great selection of wedding supplies for you. Our baby breath ( gypso ) garland is beautifully crafted to set the mood for a classic wedding or shower. These 6 foot long strands can wrap around multitude of items to enhance the look / design.  Each of the perfectly crafted garlands have a realistic look, complete with natural markings and color variations. Our garlands are easy to store and reusable, as it never wilts, and is crafted to last for years.

Additional Information:
- Approx 6 ft. long strands
- Baby breath spread throughout the ivy
- Each order = 6 baby breath garlands.