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Size Linens: 72 x 72 in
Color: Black
Material: Satin
Quality: Standard

72" SATIN Square Overlay For Wedding Catering Party Table Decorations – BLACK

Material: Satin
Approximate Measurements: 72" x 72"
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Price: $4.94
40% Off Price: $2.58
Overlays play a very important role in heightening the overall impressiveness of any events decoration. Our high quality, silky Satin Table Overlays are crafted from a premium quality polyester satin material with a beautiful hemmed edge that imparts delicate and elegant appearance to the overall look of your banquet or reception table. These lustrous overlays feature an enticing, glossy finish that exudes oodles of imperial class and grace to your events decor. Our glistening Satin overlays are a perfect accent to add beauty and glamour to your wedding venue. The seamless sheen and impeccable luster of these glinting satin overlays will transform your party ambiance into a fancy flight to a wonderland! Pair our overlays with our satin Table runners and satin chair cover sashes to add unmatched beauty to your table setting.

Additional Information: 1 piece of fabric.
How to Care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.
Material: Satin
Approximate Measurements: 72" x 72"