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Color: Turquoise
Flower Type: Roses

72 x Blooming Silk Rose Buds - Turquoise

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Price: $40.41
40% Off Price: $24.25

Simple. Special. Spectacular. Blooming Silk Rose Buds can create any mood you desire.

A perfect gift for loved ones. A immaculate décor for special events. A utopian prop for photo shoots. Blooming Silk Rose Buds can be create that beautiful moment you want.

Realistic. Soft. Bright. Blooming Silk Rose Buds.

Low-cost. Comes in Large quantities. Lasts for years. Blooming Silk Rose Buds are a definite must for any occasion; and re-use it multiple times. Simply recompose with various accessories and the possibilities become endless. Each bud is supported by a thin stem. Gracefully packaged, Blooming Silk Rose Buds can be used as individual stems, or in bunches. Decorating is easy, inspiring and stress free when using ready silk flowers.

Additional Information:

- 12 roses per bush
- 72 roses total in all 6 bushes; Can be used single individual roses or in bunches
- Approx. 1 1/4" tall, 2" wide
- flower is made from high-quality styrofoam which enables it to keep its shape better
- Wire stem, can be used to wrap around boxes or twist onto things
- Approx. 13" stem