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Flower Type: Roses

Handcrafted Bridal Rose Bouquet

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Craving for one-of-a-kind flowers to hold?  Try our unique and  elegant rose bridal bouquet. Pure fresh-picked look, shimmering rose  flowers are by a wire and bounded with floral tape.  Pearl sprays wrapped with tulle are spread throughout the bouquet.  Definitely will lighten up your special day. 
Unfading rose bouquet, no wilt to care, leads your romance & love eternal and everlasting.

Additional Information:
-24 roses / per bouquet
-1 bouquet per order
- Can be used single individual roses or in the original bouquet form.
- 2 1/2" x 2" flower size.
- 10" stem
- Total height of the bouquet - 12" - 12 1/2"  Diameter - 10"