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Yardage: 10
Width: 19 in
Color: White, Gold
Quality: Standard

Non-Woven Bubbling With Passion Fabric Bolt Gold/White 19"x10Yards

Material: Non-woven Polyester with bubbles using foil printing
Size: 19" x 10 Yards
Item Number:
Price: $8.32
40% Off Price: $4.99
Bubbles are effervescent, as they ooze exuberance and verve. They symbolize fun, joy and life. One feels naturally young and cheerful with bubbles around and cant resist the tempting urge to blow some and pop many! Indulge your guests in that entertaining experience of being surrounded by oodles of vivacious fizzy bubbles, and feel pleasantly youthful. Showcase your gleeful outlook towards life, your bubbly nature, and most-importantly, your way of living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment, like every single bubble that adds to the excitement and amusement. The glorious foil printed bubble pattern throughout the non-woven polyester fabric will surely emanate the youthful energy that will make everyone feel young at heart and merry in life.

Additional Information:
Non-woven: fabric is simply bonded (glued or heated or stitched), the result is a lovely see thru fabric
Material: Non-woven Polyester with bubbles using foil printing
size: 19" x 10 Yards