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Color: Fushia
Theme: Rustic
Flower Type: Daisy

40 Burlap Pageant Always Cheerful Daisies - Fushia

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Price: $57.74
40% Off Price: $34.64
We're pushing 'something different' to the next level by changing the silk flowers you're used to in terms of material, texture and appearance so you can push your Masterpiece boundaries further. Crafted using your favorite natural burlap, these flowers boast durability and also the bragging right of being an 'uncommon beauty'. So, are you up for the challenge to make something Great with these uncommon beauties?

The Burlap Pageant Always Cheerful daisies inspires the curiosity in kids, as well as, adults. The craftsmanship, the material and the overall look simply creates a friendly atmosphere that cheers people up. Use these daisies to create a fun-filled play area for storytelling, kids parties or even kids bedroom. Definitely, kids will treasure the fond memories with what you create with these Always Cheerful Daisies.

There's more than a 1000 things that can make you smile right here at!

Additional Information:
Material: Burlap fabric
Bushes per order: 5
Stem count per Bush: 8 Always Cheerful Daisy flowers per bush.
Bulb dimension: Each flower is approx. 2.5" wide
Total daisies per order: 40 Always Cheerful Daisies
Top-bottom height per bush (including holding stems): Approx. 28” tall
Accessories: All flowers are easily separable. Bushes are bound together with floral tape. Wire stems per flower can be bent to hold shape and form.
Note: Burlap material has an unique smell and is unavoidable. This is not a defect, and is actually indication that this is 100% authentic burlap material. The smell can dissipate some by leaving in open air, but may still be noticeable. Please keep this in mind when ordering.