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Yardage: 10
Width: 54 in
Theme: Florals
Material: Organza
Quality: Premium

Shimmering Organza with Satin Embroidery Fabric Bolt By Yard - Orange- 54 x 10Yards

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Price: $33.32
40% Off Price: $19.99
One-Of-A-Kind Embroidered Leaf-Motif Organza w/ Satin

Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, you can now that that UNIQUE nature feel for you event with One-Of-A-Kind Embroidered Leaf-Motif Organza. The Organza and Satin Leaf embroidery combine in your favorite color to add that personality and life-like appeal to your event. Use them to drape VIP and buffet tables, columns, ceilings, etc –there is just so much to work with.

Don’t forget to shine some light on these darlings to get the full-effect of their beauty when in-doors and they will more than likely to create that fairytale effect when used outdoors with the sun shinning through the especially-crafted fabric.

Let add personality and uniqueness to your indoor or outdoor event.

Material: shimmering organza w/ satin embroidery

Each order is for 1 roll. 54" wide x 10 yards in length.