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Color: Cream
Flower Type: Ranunculus

72 Buttercup Ranunculus Bulb Flowers Cream

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Price: $34.64
40% Off Price: $20.78
If you’d played with buttercup flowers in your childhood, then you’ve definitely had sweet cherished memories. And if you haven’t, then it’s not too late to make sweet memories happen now and in the years to come. As the name implies, these flowers bring out the child-like wonderment of the decorator and event host. When you want to take a break from the standard roses, lilies and mums, then these flowers will be the next best happiness evoking flowers you’d want to style with.

Mixing and matching is always fun when it comes to

Additional Information:
Quantity: each bush has 18 flower; 4 bushes per order for a total of 72 buttercup flowers
Top-bottom of bush: Approx. 23"
Size: Each buttercup flower is Approx. 2.5" wide