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72 California Zinnia Flowers - Orange

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These large blooming flowers of intense color and showiness are one of the few flowers to rival Dahlias and Roses in terms of impact. California Zinnias are known for how they splash various colors together and how much they say about the colorful personality of the presenter. Buy a variety of these colored bushes and interchange their flowers heads with one another as done in real life by cutting-edge florists.

Put them on tables, bouquets, vases, centerpieces or use them for crafts. California Zinnias are fun to work with and come in many colors. Normally insects are a problem with the real-life version, but these silk flower replicas dont have any problems of the real ones no need to water, no need to plant, and most of all NO NEED TO GO TO CALIFORNIA

Additional Information:

-18 Zinnia flowers per bush; Each branch shares 1 large and 1 small California Zinnia flower; One order is for 4 bushes for a total of 72 flowers
-Each large zinnia flower measures Approx. 4 diameter x Approx. 1 height; center has small plastic stamens
-Each small zinnia flower in closed buds with 1 diameter x ½ height
-bush comes with silk green leaves of Approx. 1-4 long and 13 wide
-Total length of entire bush Approx. 20 and 9 wide (when bunched together)
-Flowers and leaves can be detached and re-attached to branches