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Calla Lily Butter Knife Wedding Favors

Approx. 5 long x ½ wide
Note: Stainless steel material used.
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A perfect accessory for a Calla lily or floral theme based weddings and parties, our Calla lily Butter knife will not only add an elegant flair and character into your banquet table but will also prove efficiently handy when your guests will be enjoying your exclusively picked cakes. These can even be presented as stylishly upscale wedding favors, bridesmaid gifts, or keepsakes. Your guests will admire and appreciate your hand-picked token of acknowledgment and will use them in their daily breakfast table.. This gorgeous butter knife is made from sturdy stainless steel material, with a Calla lily flower shaped handle tip. The impeccable luster and sheen of this silver plated steel knife will give a super-chic twist to any ordinary culinary experience.

Additional information:
Approx. 5" long x " wide
Note: Stainless steel material used.