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Color: Yellow
Flower Type: Lily

54 SUPERSIZED Casa Blanca Lilies Yellow

Item Number:
Price: $46.19
40% Off Price: $27.71
‘Casa Blanca’ lilies are noted to be the cream of the crop members of the oriental lilies family because they boast a more beautiful gleam and texture over the rest. Thus, in crafting this silk flower version, we’ve made sure to make it truly high-quality. AND MORE THAN THAT, this is definite standout with its GINOURMOUS SIZED FLOWERS!!!

Definitely, use these flowers in your proudest large bouquets and grandiose centerpiece arrangements or simply use these beaming lilies together as a bunch to transfix the gaze of ALL passerbys. If you want to standout, then you should not just stop at the best quality, but go all the way to SUPERSIZED! knows how you to use big things to make a SPLASH!

Additional information:
Quality: High
Bush Count: 6
Flowers per bush: 9 lilies (for a sum total of 54 lilies per order)
Lily opening and height: Approx. 6-7” width x 3” flower height
Top-bottom height of bush: Approx. 23”