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Material: Acrylic

4 x Chandelier Lamp Pole Extensions

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Price: $33.32
40% Off Price: $19.99
Are you just absolutely fond of your Shangri-La and Gigante Utopia Chandelier lamps from Of course! They are simply winners wherever you present them, thereby making you a superstar. To add to your repertoire for these two super chandeliers, you can now freely extend them to greater heights (*literally*) using the lamp pole extensions. So, no matter how large your stage is, your Chandelier lamps' light and great looks will reach all corners of your event!

Additional Information:
Dimensions: Each pole is approx. 11" long x 1" wide
Pole Quantity: 4 per order
Use: extend height of Shangri-La and Utopia Lamps you've already bought