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Chinese Antique Coins 50pcs/pk

Chinese Antique Coins -50pcs/pk

Size: 3/4" diameter
Inner ring: 1/8" wide
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Price: $5.73
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Chinese Antique coins symbolize wealth and prosperity, they have always been considered lucky for good fortune and success in China. Artistically crafted from bronze and textured in ancient Feng Shui style, these coins are an ideal tool to ensure maximum good luck and prosperous future of your new life bonding. Each coin has a square hole in the center that represents Earth, while the round shape symbolizes Heaven. These coins represent the cosmic trinity of luck. These multipurpose coins can be used as amulets by placing three; six or eight coins tied together with a red thread or ribbon as an effective way to attract money and revenues into your life, or can be tied with a ribbon or thread around your favors, gifts, and keepsakes to wish good luck to your esteemed guests. These mystic coins are perfect for Asian-theme parties and Chinese weddings. Let these lucky ancient coins bring good fortune and eternal happiness to your special merriment.

Additional information:
Size: 3/4" diameter
Inner ring: 1/8" wide, can fit rattail or ribbons to tie bow
Design: mixed 4 designs with different Chinese characters
Qty: Approx. 50pcs per order