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Clay Calla Lily Baby Blue
Size Favors: Small
Color: Blue
Material: Clay
Flower Type: Calla Lily

Clay Calla Lily-Baby Blue-144/pk

measure 1/2" across x 3/4" tall. 144 / package
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Price: $10.60
40% Off Price: $6.36
Calla Lily is a heavenly flower with amazing folds and colors. Coming from Greek word for Magnificent Beauty, these trumpet shaped flowers are a number one choice for weddings, showers, and other merry moments. Our brilliantly hand crafted clay calla lilies look very much like a real flower. Use it to add a beautiful touch to your wedding floral decorations, corsages, wedding bouquets, favor embellishment and other decorative projects. These beautifully hand crafted clay Calla Lilies are available on a 3 wire stem for easy handling.

Additional Information:
measure 1/2" across x 3/4" tall. 144 / package