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Cosmopolitan Leopard Fabric Bolts

Add some exciting flair to your event by incorporating animal print party supplies into the decor. Using leopard print fabric does not mean that you have to stick to the traditional color palette. Instead, you can opt for brighter colors, such as purple, blue and red prints to match the leopard print fabric to your color scheme. Another option is to use snow leopard fabric, which is available in a sophisticated black and white pattern.

You can incorporate animal print party supplies in a variety of ways. Add a focal leopard print to make a dress up area where your guests can pose in different costumes in front of a camera. You can use snow leopard fabric to cover your tables for a corporate event, charity fundraiser, Sweet Sixteen party or quinceanera. Another option is to use them on some tables and solid prints on others. You can also use leopard prints to add a fun addition to your wedding reception venue. Create an arch with the fabric so guests know that a party is about to begin after walking through the animalistic entrance.

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