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Color: Clear

DIVA LIFESTYLE Endless Diamond Rhinestones 470/pk Pear-Cut Clear

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Price: $17.31
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FACE IT diamonds are not for everyone! DIAMONDS are for those who truly step up and give a spectacular performance –THE DIVA. She is simply amazing therefore flowers, lights and of course diamonds just come showering onto her. Such is the DIVA LIFESTYLE.

Use these diamonds, to shower such a magnificent person in all sorts of beauty, imagination and possibilities. Use it on clothing, on crafting favors, or simply spread them out as decorative embellishment. Think like a Diva, think BIG, think BOLD, and make it become LARGER THAN LIFE!

You know there’s always something simply amazing around the corner when you shop

Additional Information:
Size per diamond: Approx. 0.5” each
Quantity: One order is for 470pcs diamond rhinestone
Diamond Material: Plastic

Note: Keep away from children as these pretty things are still choking hazards