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Color: White


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Price: $26.65
40% Off Price: $15.99
Have you ever found yourself needing to literally draw it out in a big picture?...Now’s your chance!

Whether it’s to create a cool looking line art for a party or you want to say traditional things like ‘Marry Me’, ‘I Love U’ or ‘I’m Sorry’….there’s no better way to do it than in LARGE LETTERS / PICTURES. Simply twist and bend the tube appropriately (not too much) to get your desired letter or shapes, easy! And of course, this item is great with making all those young at heart who love tricks and lighting effects to get excited. You can create hearts, stars and ponies if you like. With this amazing Down the Rabbit Hole LED Tube Lights, you can just about think of anything and make it happen!

Fun, Imaginative and Hella Affordable, this is’s magic formula for you!

Additional Information:

Length of Tibe: Approx. 33ft long or 10meters
LED Count: Each tube has 250 LED lights
Number of Tubes per order: 1

Note: Sale is for LED Tube Light only, other decorative accessories not included