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Thats a Surprise! - Elaborate Tulle 6 x 10yards Black

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Do you have someone you want to endear to you? Thats easy, just give them a pleasant surprise like a gift!

Course, selecting a thoughtful gift is one thing and then wrapping it is another. What you can do is wrap the gift with the Elaborate Tulle Thats a Surprise! to watch your recipients eyes pop wide open and take a long time to savor the very lovely covering before opening to get to your special package.

Dont be limited to gift wrapping, use the Thats a Surprise! Elaborate Tulle for all sorts of creative projects where beauty and getting the audience fascinated is absolutely necessary. Theres always more than one way to get to the heart and heres a great to tool help you get there!

Let eFavorMart.com wrap your hearts intent in so many lovely styles!

Additional Information:
Material: Elaborately designed Tulle with hints of glitter
Dimensions: Approx. 6 x 10yards