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Color: Chocolate
Flower Type: Peach Blossoms

The Emperors Favorite Peach Blossoms - 5 Chocolate bushes

Each order is for 5 bushes
Each bush has 12 stems
Each stem is Approx. 18"
Bushes are Approx. 11" wide when bunched together
Item Number:
Price: $34.64
40% Off Price: $20.78
As much as we cherish candles and ribbon, peach blossoms are still the main way to embellish your wedding venue, birthday party, showers or a normal dinner table. Efavormart has brought bountiful peach blossoms which will give a posh and plush look to your entire setup! They can change the vibe of a room immediately and you can utilize them to dress everything from your tables to your roofs! We adore the pattern for real peach blossoms in vases or holders; nonetheless they last just for couple of hours. Here comes the efavormart with artificial The Emperors Favorite Peach Blossoms to give you a long-lasting thing for your indoor and outside adornments. Our white color peach blossoms grasp purity and perfection which go along with your interiors. Additionally, just to add in more vintage vibe, you can prepare a classic bouquet with our giant victory mums flowers. Simply make certain to contrast for an idiosyncratic, emperors favorite diverse look!

Additional Information:

-each order is for 5 bushes
-each bush has 12 stems
-each stem is Approx. 18"
-bushes are Approx. 11" wide when bunched together