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Color: Clear

ENDLESS DIAMOND COLLECTION Stick-On Forever Double-Hearts - Clear 24/pk

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Price: $12.69
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There's no better way to show that you are happy and at your pinnacle that with diamonds. Oh wait! We found a new way. Take two-hearts, put them together and surround them with diamonds. So how you have Happiness, Wealth and, above all else, L-O-V-E. Anyone who sees such a display will definitely salute what you've achieved and also aspire to reach your level of enlightenment and blessedness. And since you have so much, you can stick them all-around you, or even share them. Definitely, that 'AWWWWWWW' will be heard up to a mile away!

Again, is looking for new ways to show the world your colorful and perfect diamond heart!

Additional Information:
count: 6 sheets per pack; 1 sheet has 4 double-diamond hearts (each double diamond if made of 40 held-together diamonds); 25 Double Diaond hearts total per order.
material: plastic
size: each double-diamond heart is Approx. 1.75" x 1"

note: 1 order is for endless stick-on diamonds only. other decorative accessories not included.