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ENDLESS DIAMOND COLLECTION: Stick-On Multi-sized Diamonds Emerald 594pcs

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Price: $12.69
40% Off Price: $7.61
WHEN YOU ABSOLUTELY, definitely and without questions must have diamonds of different sizes to make gorgeous colorful shapes of varying sizes and detail. These diamonds are for advanced crafting for someone who truly has spent hours, days and months imagining and crafting and want to create something truly captivating, if not mesmerizing. If you’re ready to start that big project, then this is the tool for you. has your supplies ready for that big project you are about to begin.

Additional Information:
count: 6 sheets per pack; 1 sheet has 99 diamonds for a total of 594 diamonds in all.
material: plastic
size per sheet: approx. 3/8" (33pcs large); approx. 1/4" (33pcs medium); approx. 1/8" (33pcs small)

note: 1 order is for endless stick-on diamonds only. other decorative accessories not included.