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Endless Pearls Collection: Stick On-Pearls - Ivory 1056pcs

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Use it to write your name with your partners. Or draw some colorful hearts and happy faces with them. But most of all, have fun and be colorful. Experiment. Have Fun. And experiment some more. After all, theres just SO MUCH stick-on pearls to play with! Consider adding a more personal touch to your centerpieces, favor bags and boxes and giveaways. You are after all giving away something that represents you. And since you are known to be remarkable, then these elegant pearls will definitely reinforce your eye and colorful styles.

Let continue to pearl-up your imagination to even more colorful heights.

Additional Information:
count: 6 sheets per pack; 1 sheet has 176 pearls for a total of 1056 pearl stickers in all.
material: plastic
size: each bead is Approx. 1/8" wide

note: 1 order is for endless pearls stick-on beads only. other decorative accessories not included.