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Color: Fushia

ENDLESS PEARLS COLLECTION: Stick-On Multi-sized Pearls - Fushia 486pcs

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We like to view pearls as representing the best in us. Why? Because a pearl is made using pressure and dirt which pretty much sums up our daily grind. And when you re-channel the negatives of a challenge to instead improve yourself and create something worthwhile, you create progress and gain rewards (the pearl). Therefore, you can treat these pearls as symbolic of the beauty and finesse you've created from challenges. Using their varying sizes, create something nice or even to express your style. So be the oyster and make these pearls shine the same unique way you do.

Mix it up using varying sizes and colors is the latest beauty challenge wants to inspire you with.

Additional Information:
count: 6 sheets per pack; 1 sheet has 81 pearls for a total of 486 pearls in all.
material: plastic
size per sheet: approx. 5/8" (27pcs large); approx. 3/8" (27pcs medium); approx. 1/8" (27pcs small)

note: 1 order is for endless stick-on pearls only. other decorative accessories not included.