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Color: White

28ft Extravagant Pearl Explosion Garland - White

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Price: $27.71
40% Off Price: $14.99
Why not just cover everything with sophisticated looking pearls?

Would it be great to drape the walls, the ceilings and everything including the table tops with pearls. And we're not talking about just a little bit here and there, WE WANT lots and lots of pearls to show off wealth, abundance and great taste. And now it's possible to do so with the Pearl Explosion garland. In fact, it already comes with a style of its own and studded with large and small pearls for that dramatic effect. With this much pearls to work with, it's hard not to be inspired to create your signature pearl explosion style.

Fancy and tasteful looks are a cinch thanks to

Additional Information:
Garland count: 4
Length per garland: Approx. 7ft (for a total of 28ft when you count all 4 garland)
Large pearls per garland: Approx. 170
Real Pearls: No. Imitation

Note: Sale is for pearl explosion garland only, other decorative accessories not included