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Color: Pink

13"-15" Fabulous Natural Ostrich Feathers-12PCS- Pink

1 order is for 12 ostrich feathers
feathers are GENUINE
each feather is about 13" - 15"
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Price: $29.98
40% Off Price: $17.99
Bring the vibrancy of natural hues and vitality of jungle beauty into your party space with our all Natural Ostrich feathers. Ostrich is the largest bird that shares the fascinating traits of flying creatures as well as the remarkable qualities of land creatures. With the grandeur of its physical magnificence and charismatic charm of its beauty, it is an unrivalled attraction for people worldwide who seek fascination and inspiration in Nature. Hats off to efavormart on making it possible for you to catch and treasure this sublime creation of nature, and making it a star attraction of your special event. Transform your tabletops centerpieces, vases and backdrops, into true masterpieces by adorning them with these lovely ostrich feathers. These feathers are genuine, thus impart a vigorous touch to whatever you embellish with them. Leave your guests simply awe-inspired by your exciting designing taste of decoration.

Additional information:
1 order is for 12 ostrich feathers
feathers are GENUINE
each feather is about 13" - 15", sizes will vary as they are not man-made
Note: vases, decorations and lights and other accessories not included
NOTE: These are GENUINE ostrich feathers with color dye. People with allergies to real animal feathers or color dye should take note before ordering/handling

Used As
-Feather Centerpieces
-Craft Feathers
-Decorative Feathers
-Eiffel tower Centerpieces
-Feather Arrangements
-Ostrich Centerpieces